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The rapidly-evolving coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is unsettling for everyone, but you are not alone. Although the unprecedented international demand for relief is testing people, industries and supply chains alike, Group XI Health is tirelessly committed to keeping as many people safe as possible. In an emergency situation such as this, being able to reach out for help, stating your immediate PPE needs, and receiving instant personal contact is critical.

Getting you back to work safely

As workplaces begin reopening, Group XI Health is committed to helping companies prepare for a return to the new normal. We understand employee welfare and safety are critical to a company’s survival. To achieve employee and company performance equivalent to pre-pandemic levels, enterprises will need the right assortment, quanity and grade of supplies for peace of mind and continued protection.

In an effort to make returning to work as seamless as possible, Group XI Health offers employers back-to-work kits — turnkey or bespoke (available upon request) — providing employers and employees with the personal protective equipment (PPE) essential to supporting their professional duties.

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