Group XI Health is founded on the conviction of rehabilitating healthcare. A paradigm shift is required to overcome the core weaknesses crippling the system, placing the focus back on patient care. Group XI Health represents a radical way to support the delivery of healthcare benefiting employees, employers, medical providers, payers and communities. Through a holistic offering, Group XI Health improves efficiencies and reduces expenses in meaningful ways resulting in an improved patient experience. Each company within Group XI Health’s family of businesses is positioned at the point of innovation where medtech meets fintech. As such, they all share common underpinnings of cutting-edge, virtual healthcare technologies, powered for prioritizing premium care over premium costs.

All payments must be made in full prior to shipping, via ACH, wire transfer or credit card, unless otherwise negotiated.

Subscription plans will be charged by the agreed-upon payment method on a 30-day pre-payment cycle.

Upon payment, Group XI Health will package and ship the order to the client’s desired destination(s). The order will arrive as a single shipment, as the contents are not individually boxed or packaged per employee. Prior to shipping, a video detailing the order, packaging contents, and the shipping label, as well as the shipment tracking information, will be shared with the client. If the client possesses a FedEx, UPS, DHL or other shipping carrier account, please provide that information in advance.

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